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Welcome to Ragascape

You have reached Ragascape, a website designed to discuss the melodic modes (ragas) of Indian music. Over the last millennium these systems of melodic design have been transmitted orally from one generation to the next. Each generation has attempted to maintain the purity of its heritage and, at the same time, infuse it with their own creative spirit. This has often times been a pursuit of balance; and it has indeed been the case that some artists have given more weight to tradition while other musicians have pushed the scales to the side of artistic innovation.

History provides information on the 350 year old tradition of Ustad Mushtaq Ali Khan, the most outstanding surbahar player in the dhrupad style of this century, and the greatest exponent of the Seniya sitar style in recent times. You will be able to hear pieces of his music as well as musical selections from his father's guru Barkatullah Khan. An Archive has been developed as a permanent home for a large selection of Mushtaq Ali Khan’s recordings.

Essays will provide information about specific ragas and melodic scales as well as essays on various aspects of Indian music. A Musical Journey offers insight from Steven Landsberg, an American, who has spent thirty years researching and practicing the classical music of India. Please visit Buy CDs where you may purchase CDs of Steven Landsberg, Mushtaq Ali Khan's only surbahar disciple.

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