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Welcome to Ragascape

You have reached Ragascape, a platform committed to delving into the intricate melodic modes of Indian music, spanning both Carnatic and Hindustani traditions. Throughout history, these melodic designs have been orally transmitted, embodying the profound legacy of Indian classical music. Artists, across generations, have strived to maintain tradition while infusing their unique creativity, resulting in a delicate balance between preservation and innovation.

Our archives offer a glimpse into the esteemed legacy of Ustad Mushtaq Ali Khan, renowned for his mastery of the surbahar in the dhrupad style and his role in the Seniya sitar tradition. Immerse yourself in his timeless melodies and explore recordings from his revered father's guru, Barkatullah Khan, preserving his unmatched artistry for future generations.

Engage with thought-provoking essays that shed light on specific ragas, melodic scales, and various aspects of Indian classical music, including the distinct nuances of Hindustani music. Delve into discussions on the role of musical instruments in shaping raga compositions and performances, offering a deeper understanding of this profound art form.

Join Steven Landsberg, an American enthusiast with three decades of immersion in Indian classical music, on a musical journey bridging Western and Indian traditions. Explore our website and immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of ragas intertwined with India's rich cultural heritage. Visit our Buy CDs section to acquire recordings of Steven Landsberg, the sole surbahar disciple of Mushtaq Ali Khan, and enrich your musical collection.

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